The Soft Power - Standing Out

This fascinating book demonstrates methods, how to gain serenity and superiority. A book that new perspectives for the understanding of our time, our people and our own actions opened.

Ambition, hard work and knowledge alone are not to go forward and go beyond existing boundaries. A completely new way of thinking and level of consciousness is a prerequisite for creating completely new. Therefore it is necessary to drop until all the old baggage and make yourself empty, to make room for new things.

The book shows how to

- When adopting good and fast decisions.

- Increases by 300% performance

- Extends the mental capacity to 10-fold

- Increases the speed of learning up to 50 times.

- Receives an above-average concentration increase.

- Uses a method for changing of habits and character traits

- Uses control intentional mental properties

- Adapts to important laws of life

- Treading the safe path to self-control and discipline

The book teaches

- The self-discovery

- Mastery of mind and body

- Profit through positive thinking

- Complete peace of mind

- Divine Calm

All this together means standing over sovereign!

229 pages ISBN 3-926688-10-6