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QRS 101 Therapy

Monthly treatment Package

Price = ₹ 15000

QRS Therapy 101.5 - Device

This Creates Health & Vitality!! Inside the applicators of the QRS-101 System (mat, pillow) are magnetic emitters. If these are fed with electricity then a magnetic field is created, which moves through your whole body and vitalizes your 75 trillion body cells. It penetrates deeply into your body and reaches parts of your body where sport creams or heated mats will never reach. The magnetic field activates the bioelectricity in your body (ions), where the body's own impulses (frequencies), proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters, nerves, etc are stimulated. This improves the circulation and the oxygen supply within the body with it.

Price = ₹ 355040

QRS 101.5

QRS 101.5 is a German patented medical device as well as a wellness device as QRS creates health, maintain health and preserve health. In this pandemic, QRS is mandatory for every family as QRS is very effective where the cells need Oxygen for repair process. QRS has proven to increase the Oxygen Level within the cells and Oxygen diffusion rate is increased by 80-900%. In these tough times, Health is really difficult to maintain, but with QRS, it's as easier as sleeping. 8 minutes of QRS is equivalent to 3 hrs of walking or 1.5 hours of Yoga

Price = ₹ 355040