Molecular Biological Evidence of the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields and Radiation

This scientific documentation of Audras Dr. Varga is the ideal complement to the numerous published biological building experience from practice. A former research assistant at the University of Heidelberg provides technical explanations and evidence for this complex subject of electromagnetic fields and biological effects. The focus of the human being as part of its environment. Versatile, richly illustrated and is always underpinned by research, Varga leads through topics such as electricity and magnetism, low frequency, and Hochfrequzenz, nature and technology, biological signals and electromagnetic sensitivity. ZeIlkommunikation and pineal gland, calcium and cancer.

He tells of his experiments with animals, cited international research results for health hazards has criticized official limits, and warns against the unconscious deal with everyday electromagnetic fields. A treasure trove of physical explanations, calculations, formulas, biological mechanisms, references and media publications.

Quantum Electrosmog 177 pages ISBN 3-8311-3097-3