Foundations of Quantum Therapy Live 20 YearsLonger?
Physics, the Medicine of Tomorrow

This book introduces the reader approached with understandable words to the action of magnetic energy in the organism. Underpinned by research, it clearly explained with lots of graphics and images, the differences between various magnetic fields and their therapeutic uses and indications.
Moreover, the benefits and importance of the preventive use of magnetic fields in medicine is presented in detail. Detail the treatment is in particular the new Quantron resonance system, whose development the author was involved to a considerable extent.
Own illness experience brought the entrepreneur, inventor and engineer, Dr. Gerhard Fischer to make detailed deal with the basic principles of magnetic therapy has long known. His book draws the arc from the ancient Egyptian to contemporary albums magnet therapy magnetic quanta, the so-called "quantum therapy", which opens up a new dimension in the history of medicine.
4th completely revised and enlarged edition 2002, 596 Pages ISBN 3-9520580-4-9

Foreword by Dr. Linus Pauling
Foreword by Prof. Dr. Robert O. Becker
Foreword by Prof. Dr. Peter Meissner
Foreword by Prof. Dr. Jovanovic SD
Foreword by Prof. Dr. Ing habil. M. Krauss
Foreword by Prof. Dr. Ing habil mult. Juergen Waldmann
Foreword by Prof. Dr. Eddie Meier


Author's Preface
Preface to the first Edition of Prof. Dr. Ing HL King
FIT or high 4: How did this book
Quantron or: The breakthrough is made
Chapter 1 Confronted with the disease
Chapter 2 Biomagnetism: As old as mankind
Chapter 3 Our own experience with acupuncture and magnet plasters
Chapter 4 Therapies with permanent magnetism?
Chapter 5 The importance of natural and industrial magnetic fields for our lives
Chapter 6 From the permanent magnet to the pulsing magnetic field
Chapter 7 From the ivory tower of research
Report in the German NDR television Quantron
Chapter 8 Of fleas and frequencies
Chapter 9 "The Office" Magnetic Therapy
Chapter 10 Scientific publications + clinical results
Chapter 11 Basic research at the University of Saarland
Chapter 12 And elite riders
Chapter 13 Recognition by the health insurance
Chapter 14 Assessments by medical practitioners
Chapter 15 Magnetic field therapy major study 50,000 patients
Chapter 16 The studies of Professor Pelka
Chapter 17 From the sinus to the sawtooth
Chapter 18 Physiology of quantum therapy
Chapter 19 Nature as a model of Quantron
Chapter 20 Cell frequencies against the meditations and stress
Chapter 21 The amplitude of the window - the master key to longer life
Chapter 22 The Wuppertal study
Chapter 23 Quantron system - Scientific Impact Studies
Chapter 24 Scientists background - Quantronikpatente
Chapter 25 A more fundamental study from the University of Graz
Chapter 26 The worldwide research project
Chapter 27 Quantron - doctors and users report
Chapter 28 The Quantum Medicine - How many diseases it really?

Afterword by Prof. Dr. Rainer B. Pelka
Participated in the QRS Research
Scientific publications of Prof. Dr. Fischer AG
Limits for pulsed magnetic fields
Electromagnetic Fields
Limits and effects of magnetic fields
QRS - a world - a patented system
7 Steps to scientific recognition
Literature and sources
Further research literature


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